The SIREN Process – Workplace Investigations and Reports

Internal employee investigations are an essential function for any organization’s effective human resource management. Ethical operations require fair and transparent step-by-step investigation sequence with appropriate safeguards, an efficient timeline, and proven standards of practice. The SIREN Process© for Workplace Investigations is a comprehensive workshop providing the expertise and the means to conduct a legally defensible investigation when receiving a complaint, a potential policy violation, or accusations of breaking the law.
In this course, you will learn the role and responsibilities required as a skilled internal investigator, understand how to set up the investigations process, ethical methods for interviewing complainants, witnesses, and the accused, and what factors to consider when determining to substantiate accusations or not. You will learn the model process and for evidence-based report writing and will also identify specific procedural knowledge, approaches, and practices which inform an ethical role as a thorough and effective investigator.

Course Curriculum

SIREN PROCESS Part 1 : Introduction of the Investigative Process
SIREN PROCESS Part 1 00:17:32
SIREN PROCESS Part 2 : Setup the Investigation
SIREN PROCESS Part 2 00:11:30
SIREN PROCESS Part 3 : Interview the Complainant and Witnesses
SIREN PROCESS Part 3 00:11:11
SIREN PROCESS Part 4 : Response from the Accused
SIREN PROCESS Part 4 00:10:42
SIREN PROCESS Part 5 : Evidence-Based Report Writing
SIREN PROCESS Part 5 00:06:32
SIREN PROCESS Part 6 : Notices and Follow-up
SIREN PROCESS Part 6 00:09:35
SIREN PROCESS Part 7 : Investigator Tools and Resources
SIREN PROCESS Part 7 00:01:54

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  1. Great Course


    It breaks down the whole learning process thereby making it very easy to follow along. Great presentation.

  2. Highly Recommend


    The instructor is extremely knowledgeable about process and flowcharting. He takes his time and explains everything very thoroughly and with great articulation.

  3. Easy Learning


    Easy to comprehend, lectures are entertaining, and the length of each video is perfect for busy people – thanks for a great course!

  4. Best Explanation


    It is a good course explaining clearly the fundamentals of SIREN Process

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