Change Management

Change is a constant, and change management is a necessary skill for modern leaders. This course will teach you how to assess the nature of the changes happening in your organization and understand how the people you work with and other stakeholders are experiencing those changes. Through the reflective activities, you will develop a plan for managing a significant change initiative in your own organization.

Course Curriculum

Change Management Part 1: Introduction
Change Management Part 1 00:01:33
Change Management Part 2: The Nature of Change
Change Management Part 2 00:10:20
Activity : Your Change Challenges 01:00:00
Change Management Part 3: How People Experience Change
Change Management Part 3(a) 00:15:53
Activity: ADKAR Assessment 01:00:00
Change Management Part 3(b) 00:06:46
Activity : Change Curve 01:00:00
Change Management Part 4: Models of Change Management
Change Management Part 4(a) 00:07:55
Activity: Vision for Change 01:00:00
Change Management Part 4(b) 00:08:24
Change Management Part 4(c) 00:09:34
Activity: Institutional Values 01:00:00
Change Management Part 5: Effective Change Leadership
Change Management 5(a) Part 1 00:08:59
Change Management 5(a) Part 2 00:10:47
Activity: Leaders 01:00:00
Change Management 5(b) Part 1 00:10:19
Change Management 5(b) Part 2 00:10:08
Activity : Initiative and Interference 01:00:00
Change Management 5(c) Part 1 00:07:09
Change Management 5(c) Part 2 00:04:15
Change Management Part 6: Conclusion
Change Management Part 6 00:03:20
Activity: Creating a Change Plan 01:00:00

Course Reviews


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  1. Excellent content and pacing


    Starting to grasp the concept with the constant practice

  2. A thorough introduction to Change Management


    It was very useful, and the added assessment was a great plus.

  3. One of the best course


    Thanks for the course. It was self-explanatory and touched every aspect of change management.

  4. Excellent Overview of Topic


    It’s a good quality with a high-level view on the topic of change management. I got a good overview of the topic and helpful insights. It is highly recommended.

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