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Effective Educational Leadership

Effective Education Leaders face many challenges in their schools and districts. It is important to realize that different challenges require different kinds of approaches and solutions. This seminar looks at successful leaders as well as the context for leadership in order to provide opportunities for reflection, growth, and success for all students.   Major points of discussion in the workshop include:
  • Leadership history and in public education
  • Goleman's Leadership Styles
  • 12 Major topics/ areas of leadership
  • Main factors to accentuate
  • "Bumping the Lamp"
  • One more great leader.....
  • Other resources to consider
This seminar also reviews 12 common areas that all school leaders face and provides specific ideas for managing them. This will also allow school leaders to become reflective practitioners, which is critical to continued school success.
Part I of this workshop discusses leadership knowledge and skill application, historical leadership, district, and building level leaders, mentor and coach relationships, professional development, application of school leadership, Goleman's leadership styles, and functions of an educational leader.
Part  II of this presentation covers the areas of student social-emotional health and well-being, relationships with stakeholders, instructional excellence, special supports, technology and innovation, continuous improvement, scheduling and logistics, motivational and inspirational leadership, budget and finance, medical relations, and district operations.

Course Currilcum

    • Effective Educational Leadership Part I 00:25:54
    • Effective Education Leadership Quiz 1 Unlimited
    • Effective Educational Leadership Part II 00:31:27
    • Effective Education Leadership Quiz 2 Unlimited
    • Effective Education Leadership Quiz 3 Unlimited

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  1. Denise CaldwellJune 1, 2023 at 11:17 am
    to the point

    Straightforward and to the point content. I like it.

  2. Insightful

    Soo insightful, instructor manages to blend together theory and actionable tools very well, thank you.

  3. Easily understandable

    Very easy to understand, can provide excellent input regarding leadership, communication tools and many other interesting things to listen to

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