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Know the Rules of the Purchasing Road

School districts are among the biggest buyers of a wide range of products and services in almost every community. Districts are also very tightly regulated, and this includes purchasing. Districts that fail to comprehend or abide by these rules do so at their own risk. The objectives and criteria for these purchases, as well as a review of the many processes and methods the district employs to make purchases, will all be covered in this session. Administrators, department heads, business office workers, and anybody else involved in the purchase process who wants a deeper grasp of school district purchasing must take this course.
Requests for proposals, purchase orders vs contracts, staff responsibilities, district buying policies, piggyback bids, CUPCCA standards and processes, facility building and repair purchases, service contracts, and DIR regulations are some of the topics covered in this course.
Purchasing Edited6.12

Course Currilcum

    • Introduction to School District Purchasing 00:02:22
    • Types and Methods of Purchasing 00:03:02
    • Purchase Orders 00:12:16
    • Contract Basics 00:05:32
    • Purchasing 101 Quiz Part I 00:15:00
    • Introduction to Bidding 00:02:24
    • The Basics of Bidding 00:12:25
    • Bidding Exemptions 00:12:12
    • Bonds Required for Bidding 00:04:02
    • Purchasing 101 Quiz Part II 00:15:00
    • Understanding CUPCCA 00:09:01
    • CUPCCA Requirements 00:13:48
    • CUPCCA Procedures 00:05:03
    • Purchasing 101 Quiz Part III 00:15:00

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  1. Michael Casey DunningDecember 9, 2023 at 6:12 pm
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    Good introduction to the process

    The course provides a good introduction to the complex procedures involved in common purchases and contracts that districts navigate.

  2. Great Content

    Clear lecture and well designed content.

  3. Amazing Structure

    It’s a great course with amazing structure. Definitely it’s what I was looking for to learn.

  4. Highly recommend!

    This course covers all areas of purchasing. It provides a great overview of the basics of purchasing (types, purchase orders, and basics), bidding rules/exemptions/bonds, and details about the specifics of CUPCCA.

    Highly recommend!

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