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Steve Betando
1 year, 2 months ago

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His role as an Educator spans 38 years from his first year as a teacher through to retirement as Superintendent)
He taught all levels, Elementary through Graduate School
During a particularly long span in his career, He served as Chief Human Resources, Compliance Officer, and Chief Negotiator, and was honored as California’s State Personnel Administrator of the Year
As a Regional Director for the Western United States, he represented Chief Human Resources Officers with the American Association of School Personnel Administrators,
He is also grateful for the experience of chairing the NCLB and ESEA Task Forces in California for 10 years when we influenced significant improvements in national education policy. 
He currently serves as a Director of the Association of California’s School Administrator’s Personnel Academy, and as an Instructor in California’s Superintendents Academies.
Specific to the functions of Workplace Investigations, his experience as a Chief Investigator or Agency Authority over such matters, gave him plenty of opportunity to administrate dozens of cases, including:
·       harassment/sexual harassment or assault
·       physical assault
·       Employee theft 
·       accidental death
·       hostile work environment 
·       Abuse of authority, and 
·       Various other Title IX complaints
As with any experience we tend to get better at what we do over time. He is grateful for the chance to learn and now to share what he has learned as a Trainer in various domains such as,
·       Employee Relations
·       Bargaining
·       Conflict Resolution
·       Strategic Planning
·       Employee Discipline
·       Executive Leadership
and, for you in this Course,
·       Harassment Investigations and Reports


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