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School culture is the number one determinate in the outcomes for many of our students. School Culture is defined as the guiding beliefs and values evident in the way a school operates. 'School culture' can be used to encompass all the attitudes, expected behaviors and values that impact how the school operates (Fullen, 2007). The students in this course will identify the aspects, outcomes and results associated with schools that have a toxic vs. positive school culture. Students will learn how to create, leverage, maintain and sustain a positive school culture to maximize the outcomes for all students, staff and stakeholders of the school community. Students will have the opportunity to use the learning they gain from this course to develop a plan to use in building a positive school culture at their schools. All students will come to realize and understand that “culture dives actions, actions drive results and poor culture will equal poor results”.

Course Currilcum

    • School Culture part 1 00:08:28
    • School Culture part 2 00:09:39
    • School Culture part 3 00:10:48
    • School Culture part 4 00:11:09

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  1. Good Content

    The course is very well versed and it covers many aspect of school culture.

  2. Very well Structred

    A brief explanation about the things which were to be implemented. Worth of time. Thank you.

  3. Excellent Course

    it is very easy to follow along.

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