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Embark on an exciting journey of learning the skills of public speaking. In this course on public speaking, you will learn the essentials of public speaking. The course teaches you how to effectively speak and present in front of an audience. Topics like how to get over the fear of public speaking, the importance of storytelling, and how to start and finish your talk are also covered in this remarkable course.
The course teaches you how to prepare your talk, how to organize the talk, and what are the secrets of starting any speech or talk regardless of the setting, whether live in person or online. In this course, you will also learn some basic and essential techniques of public speaking like voice modulation and voice control, and body language.
The topics covered include,
-How to start a talk
-How to finish a talk
-How to be confident in front of live audience
-How to use your voice to make your talk interesting and pleasant to the ears of the audience and many more
We hope you will enjoy this course...

Course Currilcum

    • Public Speaking – Part 1 00:08:07
    • Public Speaking – Part 2 00:10:06
    • Public Speaking – Part 3 00:04:14
    • Public Speaking – Part 4 00:07:17
    • Public Speaking – Part 5 00:06:06
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