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This outstanding course on Time Management will take you on a journey to exceptional living with incredible time management skills. You will learn what time management is and why it's important. Additionally, you'll discover how goal setting corresponds to the concept of time management.
In this detailed course, you will also learn about priorities and how to prioritize your tasks. You'll explore what determines priorities and how self-reflection and awareness play a significant role in managing time effectively.
Furthermore, you will discover how to make tasks easier by breaking them down into smaller steps, enabling you to achieve desired results in your personal, professional, and social life. You'll also learn about the tools needed to enhance your time management skills and how to organize tasks efficiently. Additionally, you'll understand the importance of creating a daily list and how to utilize it effectively for daily activities. Moreover, you'll learn about the importance of key activities and how saying "No" to certain tasks can save you a lot of time.
This course will also cover the importance of deadlines and how to set them for tasks. Furthermore, you'll learn strategies to avoid procrastination, which is a significant time killer.
We hope this course will be a great opportunity for you to master the skill of time management and improve your life as a whole.
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Course Currilcum

    • Time Management – Part 1 00:12:38
    • Time Management – Part 2 00:10:38
    • Time Management – Part 3 00:13:59
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