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This course is intended to provide a fundamental introduction to school district fiscal operations. The topics covered in this course include Budget Development, Reporting, And Funding Cycles, Main Sources of Revenue, Calculation of the Local Control Funding Formula, The Different Bases of Accounting for School Districts, Special Revenue Funds, Multi-Year Projections, The Gann Appropriations Limit, Minimum Reserves and Components of Ending Fund Balance, The Two Different Types of Deficits and Their Effect on Fund Balance, and Charter School Oversight Responsibilities.

Course Currilcum

    • Overview of Fiscal Operations Part 1 00:03:27
    • Overview of Fiscal Operations Part 2 00:11:25
    • Overview of Fiscal Operations Part 3 00:06:11
    • Overview of Fiscal Operations Part 4 00:07:36
    • Overview of Fiscal Operations Part 5 00:07:14
    • Overview of Fiscal Operations Part 6 00:08:46

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  1. Best Explaination

    Very detailed explanation for each topic. Wonderful understanding concepts. Loved it !!!

  2. Well structured course

    So far the content is engaging and right to the subject .

  3. Wonderful Course

    It’s clear and very neat. Easy to understand. Such a nice course.
    Thank you

  4. Sienna MendelsohnJanuary 26, 2023 at 10:56 am

    I loved that he took his time to explain, he could be clearly heard and understood. I was able to absorb and learned what was being taught.

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