Maintaining safety and security at our schools ought to be our top concern. This requires a variety of tactics from administrators, teachers, and staff members who collaborate with students, parents, law enforcement, and the neighborhood. This course focuses on how schools may fortify their defenses against threats to the environment. Slowing the wrongdoer down is one of the most important elements here. Most perpetrators of school violence are apprehended by non-law enforcement personnel in less than five minutes. This also accentuates the importance of all school employees being aware of their surroundings and reporting suspicious activities. 
The second segment of this seminar focuses on the ways in which educators may create more warm and interesting learning environments for our children. Teachers may create environments in their classrooms that are marked by mutual respect and physical and emotional safety by employing a number of particular tactics. The fundamental concept of teacher-student cooperation has resurfaced, and we can all collaborate to make it more prevalent. Although some of these methods may already be in use, this seminar contains a number of fresh concepts and improvements. In order to improve your classrooms and schools, I hope you evaluate these suggestions for yourself and others.

Course Curriculum

Safe and Secure Schools Part 1 : Introduction
Safe and Secure Schools Part 1 00:03:55
Safe and Secure Schools Part 2 : Operational District Safety Plan
Safe and Secure Schools Part 2 00:08:44
Safe and Secure Schools Part 3 : School Safety Committee
Safe and Secure Schools Part 3 00:08:39
Safe and Secure Schools Part 4 : Characteristics
Safe and Secure Schools Part 4 00:08:26
Safe and Secure Schools Part 5 : Characteristics Continued
Safe and Secure Schools Part 5 00:12:33

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  1. Training was Fantastic


    It was very Passionate and intentional! Appreciate this Training a lot!!

    Sienna Mendelsohn
  2. Awesome Course


    This was a great course, it covered all relevant topics, all the topics are realistic and practical.

    Danny Lewis
  3. Amazing Content


    Great concepts, thank you so much!

    Lara Farquharson
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