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Indiana School Business and Finance Module 2: Indiana Budgeting and Accounting System, Account Line Defined!

A study of current practices and theory in the administration of school business affairs. The role of the school business administrator in budgeting, accounting, purchasing, personnel, facilities, transportation, food services, collective bargaining, financing, insurance, and computer services are some of the features of this course. Required topics for the Indiana Ed. S. programs and for certification in the superintendency. Also a required course of topics for the licenses of Director of Exceptional Needs and Director of Career and Technical Education
Course Intent:
The intent of this course is to familiarize you with the roles and functions of school business management. The course is designed to comply with the Indiana Professional Standards for District-Level Administrators and the licensing requirements for the Indiana certification for superintendents.  
Key Objective:
This class is designed to allow participants sufficient knowledge, terminology, process understanding, and resources so that when in attendance in district-level meetings or conversations, you are able to understand and become a productive participant in the “conversation”!
  • Networking/Organizations/Resources/Source documents
  • State-level Requirements/Policies/IN CODE/Process/Calendar
  • Budget Process/Advertisements/Board Resolutions/Gateway/1782 NOTICE
  • School Board Policies/Daily process/bill pay/Cash Flow/TAW/Forecasting
  • Extra Curricular Accounting/Building Treasurers/Vouchers/Textbook Rental
  • SBOA/School Finance Digest/Audits/Appropriations/Account Line/Budgets
  • Fund Accounting/Monthly monitoring/Communication/Systems meetings
  • Bargaining/Salary Schedules/Benefits/Insurance/Retirement Accounts/VEBA
  • Revenue/Referendums/Tax Caps/TIF Districts/City/County/State/Federal
  • Annual Reports/Form 9/Form 22’s/Tax Distribution Cycle/Board of Finance
  • Efficiencies/Outsourcing/Trusts/Affordable Care Act/Change!

Course Currilcum

    • Module 2: Macro Look at Budget 00:14:49
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