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Civil Rights Training for the Child Nutrition Program




Civil Rights Training for the Child Nutrition Program


This course is intended for all food services workers including supervisors, managers, cooks, front-line staff, and cashiers. The course partly fulfills the United States Department of Agriculture’s 4-hour training requirement for all food service workers. Participants will review the Civil Rights responsibilities and requirements of the Child Nutrition Department.
The most crucial thing a school district undertakes is to guarantee that all kids have equal access and treatment regardless of race, color, national origin, sex, age, or disability. This course will provide required Civil Rights training to food service staff and includes assessments and a certificate of completion that employees can keep on file with human resources. This course meets in part the United States Department of Agriculture training requirements for food service workers.
The people working in all levels of administration of the US Department of Agriculture Child Nutrition Programs that receive federal funding are the target audience for this course.
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