Luke Coles


Toronto, Canada


M.Ed/B.Ed/ICF International Coach/B.A (Hon)  Queen’s University/University of Toronto


A 3-month crash course for youth/young adults. Tools and strategies for School/Work/Life.


My name is Luke Coles, and I am the founder/owner of Thrive, a three-pronged service offering tutoring, coaching (life/academic/personal), and education/consulting services.

I grew up in North Toronto, attended schools both here and in England, and after a brief go of playing and coaching tennis internationally, I attended Queen’s University (BA) and University of Toronto (B.Ed, M.Ed) and settled into a career in education. I spent 11 years at The Sterling Hall School as a teacher and eventually Vice Principal, and then in 2011 took on the Founding Principal role at Blyth Academy Lawrence Park. After ten exciting years there, I launched Thrive in April of 2021.

It really has been a wonderful set of adventures; opportunities to work with youth in rich and varied settings.  I love to cook, golf, tennis, cycle, canoe, and travel. I am trying to get better at staying still. I like words, riddles, challenges, mysteries, and the contrast of all four seasons. I like order and chaos and struggle to be patient with the in-between. Through it all, I have come to realize that nothing beats supporting young people on their path: helping them to see who they really are, the ways in which they want to thrive, and taking the small actions that can bring about big dreams.

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