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This course will cover the importance of Training for M&O in order to establish High Standards of Excellence for M&O Staff, you will learn how Training is considered a Best Practice for High Performing Districts and cover the different types of Training such as Disaster Preparedness Plan, IIPP Training, Safety Training, Williams Act Training, Customer Service Training and many more the topics that should be included in your District’s Comprehensive Training Plan.

Course Currilcum

    • Setting High Standards of Excellence for M&O 00:04:53
    • Factors that Affect Setting M&O Standards 00:02:20
    • Best Practices for High Performing Districts 00:02:51
    • M&O Training for Student Safety 00:05:22
    • Traits of Districts with High Standards 00:03:45
    • Williams Training for M&O 00:06:09
    • Customer Service 00:08:25
    • Benefits of M&O Training 00:05:39
    • Creating a Comprehensive M&O Training Plan 00:24:39
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