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TSS Live Seminar

Strength in Unity:  Why It is Imperative that Districts and Superintendents  Consciously Cultivate a Strong, Trusting Relationship with Teachers and Bargaining Unit Leaders

Intended Audience:  Superintendents and Board Members

In today's volatile and politically sensitive public education environment, there are many external and internal forces in play that strain and drain management and labor relations. Yet the two groups are interdependent, and the strength of the relationship between management and union plays a critical role in a District's overall functionality and success. A union contract, like a prenuptial agreement, should be viewed as the default document that is the point of last resort when the relationship has already deteriorated beyond repair. District leaders should be very intentional about including, valuing, listening to, and supporting their most precious resource -- the human resource, at every level. Instead of engaging in traditional, positional, or interest-based bargaining techniques, co-establishing core values to guide collaborative decision-making will result in a more cohesive, unified mission-driven workforce. Channeling the energy and focus of District and Union leaders toward an understanding of their different roles, contributions, and perspectives and directly investing in recruitment and retention by being attuned to and responsive to employee concerns, wellness, and conditions, will result in a more trusting, healthy relationship to the benefit of all.

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