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This course is designed to accelerate elementary student learning of comprehension skills and thinking skills through engaging strategies and activities.


Accelerate Reading Comprehension and Thinking Skills Grades K-6

Through interesting techniques and exercises, this course is intended to hasten primary students' mastery of comprehension and thinking abilities. The ultimate objective of teaching elementary school pupils core reading skills is to help them read for a purpose. Reading comprehension is enhanced when inferential reasoning and clear teaching techniques are used (Kispal, 2008). This three-hour workshop will concentrate on a variety of strategies to boost students' reading comprehension and critical-thinking abilities. This course will examine many effective teaching strategies that may be used in a classroom setting, online, or in an elementary school tutoring session.

Course Currilcum

    • Section 1, Unit 1 Video Lecture and Activities Details 00:14:30
    • Section 3, Unit 1 Video Lecture and Activities Details 00:08:52
    • Section 6, Unit 1: Culminating Assignment and Course Closure Details 00:04:12
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