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  • Julie Adams, a Nationally Board-Certified Teacher, Best Selling Author, and Educator of the Year, leads the #FULLYCHARGED & FIERCE Course. She blends tales, comedy, research, and tactics for an amazing learning experience. A Certificate of Completion and Study Guides are included with the online course’s ten lessons.
  • Neuroscientific Secrets of Success, Strengthening Young Brains, Stress Management Techniques, Work-Life Balance, Mental and Physical Health, Critical Thinking, Communication, Customer Service, Conflict Resolution, Healing After Trauma, Emotional Intelligence & Soft Skills, Routines for Success, and MUCH MORE are just a few of the topics covered.

The Training Is Excellent For;

  • The professional development and onboarding of both classified and certificated workers.
  • Young professionals who want to develop their personal & professional skills to decrease stress and accelerate their success.
  • Professionals with experience who wish to improve their knowledge of the most recent research-based techniques to advance their success.
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