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Board Members Responsibilities For Safe And Secure Schools




Many school safety and security recommendations rightfully focus on stopping the perpetrator once a horrific incident is underway.  While this can be helpful and stop a person from killing more innocent people, it usually doesn’t focus on stopping the violence before it happens. This seminar focuses on two important items regarding this. First, what can school boards do to keep schools as safe and secure as possible without overstepping their roles and responsibilities and how can school officials work together along with law enforcement to prevent violence from happening in the first place. This concept has been studied by the US Secret Service, the US Department of Education, and other federal agencies to develop a concept called “Threat Assessment”. This process and the people assigned to a team works to identify true threats to school and district security before they happen so appropriate intervention can take place. By taking this seminar, you will be on your way to keeping your educational institutions as safe and secure as possible.
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