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Assessment – What is its role in Student Learning?




Education relies on assessment. But what is assessment? This module will address this question. What is assessment and how can we apply the information to better serve our students? Teachers assess students every day. They do it by giving tests, assigning homework, providing feedback to students. Assessment is not a one and done event. It is ongoing and educators need to know what it is and how to use it effectively to support students. This module will explain the various types of assessment, both formal and informal, formative and summative, as well as explain important standardized tests that support identifying students in areas of academics and behavior.

Special Education teachers often work with students from the most underserved populations and assessment becomes a crucial part of identifying the needs of these students. IEPs are legal documents that require an understanding of assessments and their purpose in providing information that reflects the student’s area or growth and need. This module will explain those requirements and give all educators a clearer understanding of how to utilize assessment data to serve these students.

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